Holiday with dog Das Kleine Feriendorf

In the dog-lover's mini-village we can just be "dogs", live with our human families in the holiday cabin and we can "talk", sometimes with passion, to our own kind. No matter what size or breed.

Family holiday with dogs

Whether Newfoundlander or Wire-haired dachshund, Pekinese or Doberman - everyone is welcome and more than one of us in a cabin is no problem either.

What a nice feeling being greeted with a friendly "wuff" from every balcony whilst walking through the village. Or seeing the variety of dogs frolicking around. And to share the many four-legged adventures with the other pet-owners around the bonfire on a warm summer evening,

whilst the loyal, hairy companions are squinting sleepily into the fire or are excited to a game of "fetch the stick" by the kids.

Simply having time for yourself, the family and the dogs in a family atmosphere with loving k9 friends

Dogs on a walk outside
Two dogs
a hiking company with dogs
a woman playing with her dogs

Bathing holiday with the dog

River landscape in the valley Almost directly in front of the cabin door, flows the Gail with its many tributary streams. Open meadows and fields invite you for comfortable and relaxed walks with paddling fun for the dogs. But sandy gravel banks in the river and rustic picnic barbecue areas also force the wo-legged to relax and have a swim.

The Weissensee nature park

A good half-hour from the holiday village by car - a drive that is worthwhile. 13 km long, nearly 1 km wide and up to 100 m deep. Almost 2/3 of the embankments are undeveloped and still freely accessible. Here no bather misses out, whether two- or four-legged. With an electric- or rowing boat (rentable) one can also get to hard-to-reach embankment areas. Those who don't just want to sunbath and swim can also walk from the west- to the eastern shore and travel back with the boat.

Walking with the dog

Forest, meadows and rocks - small streams and remote mountain lakes with waterfalls. Endless walking trails to managed alpine pastures and huts.

Once a week our hiking-Kurt goes to explore the mountainside with his dogs. All who would like to join are more than welcome. It costs nothing and he usually has a "Stamper`l (liquor)" with, and many mountain stories to be heard.

In the evening everyone meets on the village square at the cabins and these are told and with a little drinking whilst getting warmed at the bonfire. Of course our four-legged friends are always with.

A dog bathing in the river
dogs bathing in the river
a dog relaxing with his owner
A woman petting dogs
hiking trip with dogs
dogs wildly playing and running through a river
a hiking company with dogs
a hiker and his dog
a hiking company with dogs

Alpine skiing with the dogs

Of course your dog also prefers being and travelling with their human family. Communal tobogganing directly on the cabin slope is great fun and so is walking on cleared winter trails or on the natural frozen ice surfaces of the lakes.

But sometimes one wants to completely relax and ski all day on the Nassfeld without a care. That is why one has a large and modern ski-area nearly on your doorstep. .....and then it is good to know that the dog is well looked after and cared for. Of course "dog walking" also forms part of our service

dogs on a winter vacation
people walking through the snow with their dogs
a child with the family dog
a dog walking through the snow
A man playing in the snow with his dog

Free dog-service

  • In your holiday hut you will always find a sleeping spot, an eating bowl and a dog waste bag for your dog
  • Upon your request we take your dog for a walk, ensure for the best room temperature and water/food.
  • We check the holiday village grounds daily for "Trümmer´l (ticks?)" and remove them
  • In the summer season we offer a weekly walk with dogs.
  • In an emergency we will help you with veterinary contacts.

Tierarzt Dr. Herbert Ladstätter Gailtalstr. 33, 9620 Hermagor
Tel.: 04282 – 2660 |

Tierklinik Dr. Forisch Piccostr. 8 – 9500 Villach Tel: 04242/418900 |

Animals in distress

We are glad to have the privilege of constantly getting to know happy animals and their human families and we take pleasure in this harmony.

Of course we are also aware of the distress of so many animals world-wide.That is why each Euro that you pay for the dogs goes to the animal protection organizations Vier Pfoten (Four paws) – Tierhilfswerk (Animal relief) – Tierschutzhaus (Animal shelter) Villach Euro for dogs to the animal protection organizations Vier Pfoten (Four paws) – Tierhilfswerk (Animal relief) – Tierschutzhaus (Animal shelter) Villach

Review of the animal hotel for dog-friendliness

Dog-blanket – eating bowl – dog waste bag - walking trail map with suggestions

Outdoor – services

  • Dog-sitting service and in-cabin care on request
  • Dog walks with campfire atmosphere
  • On-premises waste disposal facility
  • Dog wash
  • Aras- wet- and dry feed in stock
  • Leash rental on request
  • Experienced veterinarian with surgical and dental treatment (in Hermagor - 10 km from the village)
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